ÍZORA academy

ÍZORA Academy founded by Domonique Bechtold, Carly Farquhar and Tiffany Fluhme, conducts regularly scheduled Beginner and Master Classes designed to help beginner and experienced artists explore new and innovative services and techniques.

The passionate founders waited patiently until they were well educated and experienced to begin their mission to share their extensive knowledge with aspiring students. Knowing what it takes to be successful in this industry, they hold themselves to the highest standards in their commitment to every student. Their mission is for each participant to leave their classes feeling excited, educated, and prepared for their new career.

ÍZORA Academy is built on a combined 32 years of experience in the beauty industry with 16 of those years spent providing microblading and permanent cosmetics services. In addition, they have gained invaluable experience and knowledge from 10 years of teaching microblading and permanent makeup classes, not only nationwide but around the world. A unique and innovative aspect of ÍZORA Academy is a tiered system of classes designed to teach different subjects and levels of permanent cosmetics. Continued education classes are available through a systematic variety of classes, catapulting students to their highest potential and achievement.

The academy offers a series of Online Classes and materials, In Person Classes and carefully designed MasterClasses.
Our goal is for our students to be as excited as we are to begin the amazing journey into permanent makeup.


Please review the Class Menu below. If you would like more detailed information about a specific class, send us an email: [email protected]

Microblading Fundamentals $2900

A three day beginners Microblading Course. When choosing a beginners microblading course it is essential to make sure you are investing your money wisely and getting a well rounded education to help ensure success. We firmly believe it is necessary to provide a class experience that is thorough, teaching every aspect of microblading from hair stroke patterns, to color theory, to the layers of the skin and beyond.

This class is a perfect first step into the permanent makeup industry or a perfect addition to your service menu so you can offer fluffy brows to your clients. This class includes a full kit with the high quality, essential tools needed to perform microblading.

Powdered Ombré $2400

A three day shading course for beginners or experienced artists. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the foundation of shading and is great for any artist wanting to fine tune their skills with learning modern techniques.

With being both theory and technique based, you will learn how to work on different skin types and how to achieve soft shading with pixels for a powdery finish as well as ombré methods. Each student will receive a full kit of products we personally love and think you will love as well.

Lip Blush $2400

This is a two day lip blushing class that will teach you the art of tattooing lips. The lip blush service is quickly becoming a favorite among both artists and clients and will be a perfect addition to your service menu.

This is also a great class for a beginner entering the permanent cosmetics industry and comes with a full kit and machine.

Lash Line Fundamentals $2400

A two day class that will teach you how to tattoo eyeliner that will age gracefully. Many clients love this service because of how natural it looks and how it makes their natural lash line look fuller. At íZORA Academy we do not teach thick liner or dramatic winged eyeliner.

This class is great for someone entering the permanent makeup industry. Full kit and machine included.

Tiny Tattoo Artistry $1800

Tiny Tattoo Artistry with íZORA Academy is intended for prospective students who have no experience in Tiny Tattoo artistry or feel they are at a beginner level and need another class to help progress their skill set.

At ÍZORA Academy we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible and want each student to leave our classes feeling excited, educated, and prepared for their new career. We want you to be as excited as we are to launch yourself into this amazing journey. It is rare to find an in-person class for tiny and micro tattoos. We wanted to create an in-depth, hands-on experience with íZORA’s tiny tattoo specialist, Iliana Cardamone, to provide a course that dives deep into the artistry behind tiny and micro tattoos. We believe it is important to know all the background knowledge and get a proper in person experience when learning something new.

Our years of experience being educators have taught us how to educate our students for success.

Paramedical Tattoo Artistry $1800

It can be rare to find an in person class paramedical tattoo artistry. We wanted to create an in-depth, hands-on experience with íZORA’s paramedical tattoo specialist, Tiffani Scarpaci, to provide a course that dives deep into the artistry behind paramedical tattooing. More specifically, this class will teach scar camouflage using ink and scar restoration using a serum. These services can be used to restore or camouflage various types of scars and injuries such as stretch marks, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, surgery scars, skin grafts burns and more!

If the class has been purchased in full online and you decide to unenroll within 2 weeks of the class date, the nonrefundable deposit amount of $500 will be kept and a partial refund will be given. If you unenroll under the 2 week time frame, the whole class balance is nonrefundable.