paramedical tattooing

  • Scar Camouflage: Stretch mark and scar camouflage is a permanent makeup technique used to cover the discoloration of stretch marks and scars so they are less visible. Your artist will match the pigment to your skin tone and proceed to tattoo the pigment in the stretch mark/scar to create a more blended look!


  • Stretch Mark Restoration: A method of treating stretch mark scars using a rotary machine, vitamin serums and diluted ink to encourage a natural healing response from the body to make stretch marks appear less visible. This service works for all ages and for any stretch mark on the body. Results can last for years and most see improvement after one session although the average treatments range from 1-3 sessions. Stretch marks cannot be red or purple and must be set into the skin.


  • Radiation markers are small tattoos in the skin used to provide alignment to the desired treatment area and are used as a guide at each radiation treatment visits. Radiation Marker Neutralization is the neutralization of the old blue/green/black pigment into a brown that resembles a freckle/mole in the skin. This service does not get rid of the radiation marker tattoo, it only neutralizes it to appear as a freckle or a mole.