Tiffany Fluhme Lives and Breathes all things Beauty and Wellness.

Tiffany has 6 years experience practicing as a Physician Assistant in the Field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery alongside several renowned Plastic Surgeons. Pursuing her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry, Tiffany Launched her company, “Fluhme Beauty” in 2009. Since 2009 she has grown her company to include a full service salon, a renowned permanent cosmetics studio, and an ecommerce store which sells her line of medical grade skin care and cosmetics.

In 2017 Tiffany took an Everlasting Brows Microblading Course and has dedicated much of her time to this craft. She became a national Instructor for Everlasting Brows alongside her business partner Domonique Bechtold. Over the last 5 years Tiffany and Domonique have built their permanent cosmetics business employing the area’s most talented artists. Tiffany is a master artist specializing in Microblading, Combo Brows, and Lip Blushing.

Tiffany also has a love for Advanced Clinical Skin care.  In addition to her experience in Plastic Surgery she became a licensed Esthetician in 2020. 

Tiffany is beyond excited for the future of “ÍZORA”! Tiffany and Domonique have partnered with master Artist Carly Farquhar. In 2022,the trio will be Launching “ÍZORA Academy” as well as a product line and distribution company catering to the permanent cosmetics industry.

A life-long learner In the continuous pursuit of beauty perfection, Domonique brings her passions to the forefront of Faced Beauty. 

Having grown up in the “Steel City”,  Domonique solidified her career throughout the United States, social media, and beyond.

With a global client base, thousands of students, and nearly 10 years of experience, Domonique has built a reputation for being hard-working, humble, and obsessed with making people the best version of themselves. Professionally & personally.  

In 2019 the idea to consolidate & focus this energy into a new, creative space, was born. Somewhere that not only passionate, like-minded PMU artists, could continue their growth. But to create a community where Domonique’s “beauty-positivity-attitude” could embrace all those who enter. 

Domonique, Tiffany & Carly welcome you to ÍZORA, & ÍZORA Academy. Join our story, and take the next big leap in yourself, & your business. 

1,825 & counting: These are the hours which Carly Farquhar has spent “behind-the-blade”, becoming a leader within the microblading & cosmetic tattooing space.  

With an immeasurable commitment to detail, her work is truly bespoke to the client’s unique facial structure, hair pattern, and skin type. This level of detail and precision creates a flawless appearance, from first stroke to fully healed.  

As a founding member of íZORA Academy, along with Domonique Bechtold & Tiffany Fluhme, her commitment to her own education, as well as those walking through their doors, is unwavering.  

To educate, to push forward, to make you the best version of yourself: this is what Carly believes in.

Elissa is a licensed Esthetician. She attended South Hills Beauty Academy and loves all things skin and beauty. Elissa has experience with lash lifting and tinting as well as brow lamentations. She is also trained & experienced in Permanent Cosmetics services. Elissa is very  passionate about making her clients feel glamorous & beautiful on the outside, as well as confident & happy on the inside. Having the opportunity to do this is extremely rewarding to her.

Elissa is a licensed Esthetician from South Hills Beauty Academy, who loves all things skin, with a strong passion for the beauty industry as well. Along with providing clients with lash lift & tints & brow lamentations, she is also trained & experienced in PMU services. She is very passionate about creating PMU brows for her clients, to make them feel glamorous & beautiful on the outside, as well as confident & happy on the inside, which is what’s most rewarding to her.

Tiffani graduated from South Hills Beauty Academy as a Licensed Esthetician in 2015. She is a certified Lash Technician and Wax Specialist with years of successful experience in both artistries.

Tiffani is certified in and has an ultimate passion for Microblading and Permanent Makeup services. She is motivated in learning in the Permanent Cosmetics industry so she can bring the absolute best to each and every one of her clients.

She finds that nothing is more rewarding than the confidence she instills back into her guests by enhancing their natural beauty and providing an enjoyable experience. 

Iliana graduated High School with her Cosmetology license in 2016. Over the years, she has specialized in Eyelash Extensions, Full Body Waxing, and Skincare. Iliana quickly found her true passion within Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics.

Iliana can remember waxing her first set of eyebrows and instantly falling in love with making every client’s brows look absolutely perfect! Her favorite service is Combo Brows because its the perfect mix of Microblading and Shading which gives her clients a full, fluffy yet still natural looking brow.

Iliana loves to educate herself on the newest and best techniques to provide her clients with.