lip blushing


touch up


Needs to be completed within 6-9 weeks after a first session or color boost session for brows, eyeliner or lip blushing. Since Cosmetic tattooing is a modern technique some fading after the first session or color-boost session is normal and to be expected.

Please remember that if you notice any fading or spots that disappear, this will be perfected in the touch up session.



Typically scheduled 1-3 years after a brow, eyeliner or lip blushing service was finalized. (Technically anything 12 weeks after the last service is considered a Color Boost)   More detailed than a Touch Up appointment this service is not considered a new session because of the existing pigment.  On average, the íZORA clientele does not come back for a Color-Boost of the brows, eyeliner or lip blushing services for at least 1-3 years or once the tattoo has faded 50-60% and needs to be re-done.

At íZORA we offer the Color-Boost pricing only to existing clients.

please note:

You will be unable to have Microblading/PMU done if you:

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are currently using Accutane or have been on Accutane within the past year
  • Are currently undergoing cancer treatments (Chemotherapy must be finished for 6 total months before getting any procedure done)
  • Are on blood thinning medications or antibiotics
  • Have used a tanning bed or tanned your face within 72 hours of your appointment
  • Have old Microblading/PMU that hasn’t been approved for booking by the Artist of your choosing (schedule consultation)
  • Arrive at your appointment accompanied by pets or children
  • Have any blemishes in the eyebrow area
  • Have Botox done within 2 weeks of you appointment
  • Have lip filler done within 2 months of your appointment
  • Drink alcohol within 24 hours of appointment
  • Drink caffeine within 24 hours of appointment
  • Arrive with lash extensions to your Lash Line Enhancement appointment
  • Show up more than 10 minutes late to your appointment

If it is necessary to cancel/reschedule your appointment, you need to call 48 hours prior to day and time.

Failure of compliance will result in forfeiting your $100 deposit and will result in you NOT being able to get your service(s) done the day of your appointment. Another $100 deposit will need to be placed to book again.